Lumiplas design, manufacture and services customer for markets of manufacturing of PCBs, semiconductors and surface finishing. Manufacturing electrolytic and electroless.

We're ready to answer the needs of our customers about all kinds of automatic/manual plating plants and special equipments, such as plating tanks/baths, robots and other relevant components.

With our long experience in electroplating sector, we have the know-how to answer the needs of our customers with our customized plating plants, designed and manufactured based on the type of the plating material and dimensions and specifications of the material to be plate.


C/Sarobe nº 4. Pol. Ind. Abendaño.
20800 Zarautz (Guipúzcoa). SPAIN
T: +34 943 10 42 56
F: +34 943 84 70 88
E: maquinaria@lmp-lumiplas.com
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